Corporate Responsibility

Integrating responsibly with local business and the surrounding community

Corporate Responsibility (CR) has been an integral part of the way UMG operates to ensure all divisions respond to the environmental and social challenges that we face today.

Recognising CR as a fundamental role in under-pinning UMG’s growth strategy, with the already established ‘Unipart Way’ philosophy, we have based our working culture on engaging and empowering employees, customers, partners and suppliers at all levels of our organisation using ‘lean’ as a standard way of business operations.

As part of Unipart Group, we are a recognised leader in responsible business practice and act as a catalyst for CR, being recently awarded a four star rating in the 2014 Business in the Community Corporate Responsibility Index, the UK’s leading benchmark for responsible businesses. To find out more click here.

Corporate Responsibility

MetLase supports Sheffield University’s Formula Student Racing team

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a0fb6e51_6b4a_4d74_851d_49871ee2557a | 10:22 AM UK time, Tuesday, 04 July

MetLase, a joint venture between Rolls-Royce and Unipart Group, is supporting the University of Sheffield’s Formula Student race team to help with their aspiration to be one of the top 10 UK teams in the competition.

Steve Dunn, Managing Director of MetLase said: “It’s been a pleasure to get involved in this project this year. We think this is really important as if we want to increase our pool of engineering talent in the UK, it is essential that we help to nurture talent. The event is a fantastic opportunity for students to get hands-on experience of engineering in the real-world and it also gives UK engineering a chance to get industry ready graduates to work in our companies.”