Corporate Responsibility

Integrating responsibly with local business and the surrounding community

Corporate Responsibility (CR) has been an integral part of the way UMG operates to ensure all divisions respond to the environmental and social challenges that we face today.

Recognising CR as a fundamental role in under-pinning UMG’s growth strategy, with the already established ‘Unipart Way’ philosophy, we have based our working culture on engaging and empowering employees, customers, partners and suppliers at all levels of our organisation using ‘lean’ as a standard way of business operations.

As part of Unipart Group, we are a recognised leader in responsible business practice and act as a catalyst for CR, being recently awarded a four star rating in the 2014 Business in the Community Corporate Responsibility Index, the UK’s leading benchmark for responsible businesses. To find out more click here.

Corporate Responsibility

Giant whale ‘Plasticus’ visits Unipart Nuneaton site

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a0fb6e51_6b4a_4d74_851d_49871ee2557a | 12:31 PM UK time, Wednesday, 16 May

Sky’s Ocean Rescue whale ‘Plasticus’ turned more than a few heads when it appeared at the Unipart Logistics site in Nuneaton.

I’m incredibly proud of the hard work, creative thinking, and passion that our people have put into significantly reducing the usage of single-use plastic.