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Nicola Pizzichillo Nicola Pizzichillo
Sophy Ellis Sophy Ellis
James Robertson James Robertson
James Denny James Denny

Unipart Graduate - Nicola Pizzichillo

Project Engineer, Kautex Unipart Ltd
It is very rewarding to hear positive feedbacks when we exceed their expectations
Job Title

Project Engineer, Kautex Unipart Ltd

I started my role at Unipart as an Assistant Team Leader and have progressed to Project Engineer in just over 1 year of working.

My role

Supporting the introduction of new projects into production, dealing with CAD models and 2D drawings, making sure that customers, suppliers and internal personnel are kept up-to-date at all times on the latest developments.

Why I choose the Unipart Graduate Scheme

This scheme offered a unique blend of training and on-the-job learning and the possibility to quickly emerge as a future leader of the business.

I was intrigued by the company philosophy, the “Unipart Way”, a lean way of thinking that guides the company on every decision that is made.

Initially I associated the name Unipart with the car part business, but I quickly found out that the Unipart Group is now a global and diversified business, that involves manufacturing, logistics and consultancy.

This scheme offered a deep insight into manufacturing operational excellence, but thanks to the extensive training delivered throughout the graduate scheme I have acquired an extensive set of soft skills, such as coaching, influencing, communication, presenting and many others.

Career support

I have quickly built my network within the group and this has helped me a lot when I need advice and mentoring about my future career path in the company. I have found employees supportive and if I have a problem I cannot solve at my own level or I have an improvement idea I can get my voice listened by senior management, this is great!

The Unipart employees are the most engaged I have ever seen. Working with such people is much easier and it means that they will always go the extra mile for the company and deliver superior performance.

Career development

All the Unipart employees are on a “gate to great” journey. This is a long-term programme developed with line managers that allows people within Unipart to set their own learning objectives and to enrol in relevant training courses if there is a need for them. The Unipart leaders are invited to grow their people, coaching and mentoring them to develop future exceptional leaders from within.

Rewarding features

I really enjoy being able to work in a team, involving people in what I do and getting the best out of them. I am also very keen on making a good impression on the customers. It is very rewarding to hear positive feedbacks when we exceed their expectations!

Unipart Graduate - Sophy Ellis

Team Leader, Unipart Graduate Job Title

Team Leader, Unipart Graduate

I began my graduate programme at Kautex Unipart Ltd. in September this year. Currently my role here is Team Leader.

My role

I deliver team briefings, carry out machine checks and return to work interviews. I am the first port of call for line issues, this would be regarding quality, breakdowns or paperwork. I am the link between the team members on the shop floor and the management team. I have been given authority to drive change throughout my team.

Why I choose the Unipart Graduate Scheme

I chose Unipart as I wanted to work as a leader in a manufacturing setting, this is what I served my apprenticeship in. The sites were placed in a local area, and Unipart provide good scope for development and is an investor in people which I hold in high regard.

Career development

I have learnt a lot about the Kautex Unipart operations in my time here. I have gained leadership skills which have, hopefully, made me an asset to the team. I have been improving on my own presentation style and working on how I can improve the way I can deliver information to the team to ensure I get the best responses.

Unipart culture

One of the area’s I have found staff talking about is how they want to improve their way of working and want to instigate change. During my time here at Kautex Unipart I would like to initiate more of the Unipart culture into the workplace as much as possible as I do believe in it.

Career opportunities

As a graduate I get regular contact with my stream owner who is keen for me to develop into a good and competent team leader.

Rewarding features

I enjoy helping the team members to instigate their own change. They have the ideas; they now require the support from team leaders to help them instigate them. I also really enjoy helping the new Team Leaders at KUL2 through an OCC and showing them the Unipart Way Online.

Unipart Apprentice - James Robertson

Apprentice Project Engineer / Sales & Customer Applications
It is very rewarding to feedbacks when we exceed their expectations
Job Title

Apprentice Project Engineer / Sales & Customer Applications

I am in my 4th year of the advanced technical engineering apprenticeship at Kautex Unipart Ltd, studying the 2 year of a 2 year HNC in Manufacturing Engineering.

Day to day roles

In my role in Sales and Customer Application Projects my job varies greatly day to day with a focus on product development and programme management. Responsibilities involve anything from raising orders, signing off machinery to testing and making prototype parts.

Why did I choose Unipart for my apprenticeship?

I could tell there would be a genuine interest in my development. I felt that the people around me were going to be skilled and would share their knowledge onto, me allowing me to develop into the best engineer I could be.

Knowing a few Unipart employees, I had been told about the environment and what a friendly, positive atmosphere there was and how well the company look after their employee’s.

Career opportunities

There is a strong focus on my development at Unipart and I feel my career can mature to meet my future goals.

Within the next 5 years I would like to be ready to step up from Project Engineer to Programme Manager, with long term aspirations to become a Senior Programme Manager at UMG.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience I have gained with my apprenticeship I feel confident to move into almost any technical engineering role.

Unipart Graduate - James Denny

Shift Co-Ordinator
Training and development is key for career progression, Unipart have supported this throughout my 5 years here
Job Title

Shift Co-Ordinator

I have worked for Kautex Unipart Ltd. for 5 years, starting my career here as an agency fork lift operator. I have grown my career from that role to Team Member through to Team Leader and have progressed to Shift Co-Ordinator.

My Role

Within my role I ensure the key KPI’s are met, this includes safety, cost, delivery and performance. I also ensure my team can develop within their role and provide coaching to my Team Leaders and to Graduates.

Why I chose to work for Unipart

Training and development is key, Unipart are known to drive this and support progression within the workforce. Since working for Unipart I have gained my Six Sigma, been awarded a Mark of Achievement and received my ILM Level 3 in Management.